inspiring women

How entrepreneur Meg Thoreson balances being the boss and being bossed
An IT expert who explores her spiritual side

Junita Flowers, owner of Favorable Treats

Junita Flowers of Favorable Treats sidesteps obstacles by celebrating success


Julie Causey, Chairman Emeritus of Western Bank, has stayed quite busy since her banking days
Nancy Lyons, CEO of Clockwork, tells her inside story

Kimpa Moss [left] and Beth Kieffer Leonard [right] at the Lurie office in Minneapolis

The dynamic duo of Lurie LLP: Beth Kieffer Leonard and Kimpa Moss


Amelia Mata extends her profound idealism into her businesses
Kay Phillips of ATEK Companies believes in leading as a learner


Kate Grathwol, CEO of Vision Loss Resources, balances the needs of a business and a social enterprise by staying true to their missions
Lisa David is a positive force in all aspects of her life
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