The New Faces of Health Care Providers in Minnesota

By Bruce Corrie

I am always struck by the practical wisdom of Michelle Moore, who currently is the Transitional Care Unit Nurse Manager at Walker Methodist in Minneapolis, and leads the care for Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients. A quick review of the symptoms, and her medical insight usually is correct — and in many case better than a doctor. This practical wisdom derives from her medical training and years of work as a nurse. She views her work as a calling and very often goes the extra mile to take care of people. Apart from practical experience, Michelle is also a lifelong learner — she is regularly updating her credentials through training opportunities, personal research and certifications. She is often sought-after for advice from her peers, colleagues and even supervisors. My wife calls her the “best baby nurse on the planet” and now she is taking that passion to care for people going through a very tough period in their lives. That passion is also born out of the pain of losing loved ones to Alzheimer’s. I learned something interesting from her about the role of music as therapy for people with Alzheimer’s. Michelle’s cheerful spirit in the most trying of times is a precious and unique gift to people she interacts with. “I do view my role, my life and my actions as a true calling by God,” she says. “Every opportunity and person is brought into your life for a reason and it is up to us to optimize every interaction placed in front of us.”

I often meet Dr. Abe Dalu at community meetings, whether it is the launch of the Oromo Chamber of Commerce or at activities in Little Africa in St. Paul. He has impressive credentials — a Ph.D. in Toxicology/Pharmacology, years of work at Fortune 500 companies, and is fluent in four languages, including Russian. He made the transition from the corporate world to home health care when he launched his business, A&A Reliable Home Health Care LLC, with his wife Aster, who is a registered nurse. Launching the business meant depleting his retirement account, as banks would not lend in this sector. But he and his wife persevered, secured Medicare certification and now operate a rapidly growing home health care business. He is proud of the fact he brings both professional and quality health care as well as culturally intelligent care to his patients. He has a very diverse client base. His wife supervises the staff to ensure quality care and compliance. They look at their work as more than a business: It is an opportunity to touch lives and give back to the community. He often spends time educating immigrants about their rights in the area of home health care services so that they can better access the system. In 2017 they want to focus on marketing to help grow their business.


Bruce Corrie, PhD, blogs at and is a professor of economics at Concordia University ‑ Saint Paul.