Make It Ok campaign releases new ads to reach out to Hispanic and African-American Communities

The new ad campaign is set to be released in early November 2015

By TreVonte James

Recently, the Make It Ok campaign (founded in 2013 by Health Partners, Regions Hospital, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness) announced that it is introducing a new series of advertising to raise more awareness and remove the negative stigma surrounding mental illness in the African-American and Hispanic communities.

“Mental illnesses touch us all, affecting people from every walk of life,” said Mary Brainerd, HealthPartners president and CEO in a statement. “Here in Minnesota, one in five people experience a mental illness each year. Most people live with the symptoms of a mental illness for up to 10 years before seeking treatment, largely due to the stigma. Together, we are working to change that and make it ok to ask for help.”

The new advertising for the Hispanic community include ads for Spanish-speaking radio stations La Raza (KMNV-AM) and Radio Rey (WREY-AM). The new campaign will also incorporate illustrations for the Metro transit bus shelters and pages inside the weekly Hispanic Publication, Vida y Sabor. In addition to this, the Make it Ok campaign website also will include a Spanish page ( with tips on what to say to someone who has shared that they have a mental illness. For the African-American community, Make It Ok plans to release more advertisements featuring African-Americans that will appear in Mpls/St. Paul Magazine, Minnesota Monthly Magazine, and the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder. Make It Ok also has plans to release an ad campaign for seniors, running ads in both the Minnesota Good-Age magazine and in skyway posters within the Twin Cities.

These new ads are close to being finished and will be released in early November 2015. “We hope this campaign will lead to more people getting help,” said Donna Zimmerman, HealthPartners Senior Vice President of government and community relations in a statement.