Iselin Donaldson

Marketing Project Manager
  1. Where can we usually find you on your lunch break? On the rare occasion that I do not pack a lunch for myself, you’ll likely find me in Northeast Minneapolis, enjoying a sausage and a brew from New Bohemia or a slice of pizza from Punch!
  2. If you had to live in a place other than Minnesota, where would it be? Though the 2014 Minnesota winter has left me slightly jaded, I do still royally love this state!  If I were to relocate however, I’d likely move to the Portland/Seattle area. If not snow, then rain – right?
  3. List one quirk that most people don't know about you. My right eye twitches every time I vacuum. Every. Time.
  4. When you were five, you thought you'd grow up to be Then college happened, and I abruptly stopped wanting that for myself – and everyone else involved.
  5. What's your favorite section of Minnesota Business magazine? If I was forced to pick only one, I’d choose the “Made in Minnesota” section in the back of the book.  From blankets, amplifiers and leather goods to freezers, cereal and vodka – I’m all about shopping locally, while learning about how these Minnesota companies established their roots.