With the state’s unemployment rate holding at a low 3.7%, Minnesota’s career-conscious workers are thinking more about getting promoted.

Looking the part continues to be a critical factor for advancement. So does knowing how to act and react in the workplace — and it’s true on every rung of the career ladder.

Southeast Minnesota’s entrepreneur community is getting a big boost this spring with Ignite Cup, a new annual startup competition that “is open to all entrepreneurs, investors and community members who are focused on launching a startup and want to pitch their idea to an experienced panel,” according to a release from Ignite Cup.

For many business leaders, public speaking is a chore, not a hobby. Others don’t mind it so much — but they’re not about to quit their day jobs. It’s rare to encounter someone who can step on stage or stand up in a boardroom and clearly, fluently, persuasively hold forth, hitting all the right notes along the way.

Sharon Fischman, founder of Empty the Nest, used discarded books to build this counter at the Golden Valley store.

Empty the Nest, a Minnesota business that started in a garage, is making a big move to keep up with the growing demand for its services.

Tech entrepreneur Jeff Martin is launching another video series focusing on executives in the tech industry — Lead by Change.

Mike Veeck

As the co-owner of the St. Paul Saints, baseball impresario Mike Veeck is known for his “fun is good” mantra, promoting an over-the top, stunt-filled experience when his team takes the field.

Nick Roseth, founder of DocuMNtary

A lot of people in Minnesota don’t know about the history and growth of the state’s tech industry. And beyond Minnesota, even fewer know about what we have here. Nick Roseth plans to increase that awareness through a series of short documentaries under the auspices of DocuMNtary.

Target and Kansas City-based Techstars are teaming up to bring 10 promising startups to the Twin Cities this summer for a 3-month deep dive into high-tech retail.

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, get a bad rap. Many folks think of drones either as weapons of war — the Predator drones that prowl the skies above the Middle East — or creepy surveillance tools that help the feds spy on law-abiding citizens.

Street views: Snow Kreilich Architect image shows the potential for Green 4th Street.

The rise of hot neighborhoods like Uptown, Marcy-Holmes and the North Loop prove that affluent professionals actually want to live in post-industrial urban cores. The North Loop’s resurgence is particularly impressive in light of its seedy past as Minneapolis’s low-rent Warehouse District.