Photo by Tate Carlson

Maybe you’ve kicked in a few bucks online to help a musician record an album, a chef fire up a food truck or a tech genius develop a gadget.

Now the concept of crowdfunding is extending to commercial real estate.

Chris Behrens, president and CEO of YA. Photo by Emily Davis

From his corner office in the Lumber Exchange Building in downtown Minneapolis, Chris Behrens enjoys a picture-perfect view of the five-story-tall Bob Dylan mural, painted on the building directly across the street.

Featuring three images representing the long career of the Minnesota-born musician, the eye-catching triptych is entitled “The Times They Are A-Changin’.”

A big expansion is in the works for a Minnesota hamburger restaurant.

The My Burger chain plans to add two new locations and will venture across the river into St. Paul for the first time.

Photo courtesy of Uponor.

Uponor Corporation, a Finland-based water systems company with a major presence in Apple Valley, recently announced what it calls “the next wave of the smart home”: an “intelligent water solution that protects family homes

In a digital world, a tradeshow booth may be your company’s ticket to memorable marketing.

There was no red carpet rolled out in front of The Blaisdell on the evening of May 18, but there was plenty of awards excitement at the Minneapolis event space.

That was the night that independent businesses got a nod of recognition at a ceremony honoring efforts to promote the Buy Local movement in the Twin Cities.

Earlier this month, Greater MSP released its second annual Regional Indicators Dashboard, a comprehensive look at how the Twin Cities metro stacks up against comparable U.S. regions.

Technology companies like to create a vision of the ‘corner office’ as anywhere a leader wants to be: the beach, the gym or sitting on a deck in the woods.

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If a sports fan has a 100-inch flat screen, a comfortable couch and a fridge stocked with brewskis, why does he need to go to a stadium to watch his favorite team?

A cinephile with the same great room layout plus a Netflix account could pose the same question about a movie theater.

Small business owners are just like the rest of us. Sure, they work a little harder than the average 9-to-5’er. (Okay, a lot harder.) But many find time to raise families. Pursue hobbies. Cultivate friendships. Disconnect from the daily grind every once in a (great) while.