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People seem even more wrapped up than usual in their phones this summer, no? Blame Pokemon Go, the mobile insta-craze behind the distracted walking epidemic.

The health sector continues to be one of the economy’s largest, fastest-growing and most lucrative industries. Consuming over 10% of gross domestic product in most developed nations, health care represents a robust proportion of the national economy.

The latest tech executive to be interviewed while being driven around in Jeff Martin’s Prius is Bala Subramanian, the chief technology officer for Best Buy.

Caryl and Larry Abdo host dinners for Carlson students or recent grads with entrepreneurial aspirations who are married or in a long-term relationship.

A gratis gourmet meal at a romantic inn. It hardly sounds like the setting that could drive a wife to tears, but that’s what happened to Mona Fraki on a pivotal night in 2009.

“I cried all the way home,” she recalls of the aftermath of the dinner that she and her husband Paul Neyers shared at the historic Nicollet Island Inn. “That night I realized we were going to have to do this.”

Alexis Walsko, founder of Lola Red

Alexis Walsko admits that she is not a hard core sports fan, but she thinks that may be a strategic advantage as she adds a professional sports division to her Minneapolis-based media relations firm.

The WAND Corp. got started 30 years ago with an emphasis on point-of-sale systems and backroom operations technology. But for the last eight years the company has become a major player in digital menu boards, serving more than 70 brands in the “quick food and fast casual” niche, including Cinnabon, Church’s Chicken and Auntie Anne’s.

This May, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a slew of big changes to the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the 70-some-year-old linchpin of federal labor law.

The hum of a lawnmower and the smell of freshly-cut grass. These familiar summertime sensations are more than the pleasant benefits of working in the yard. They are the basis of a new business started by a nonprofit based in north Minneapolis.

The original hand developed by Dr. D. Subbaram Naidu

It looks like a prop from a movie set in the future — a five fingered mechanical hand, driven by sensors.

It’s not science fiction; it’s in development in a Minnesota lab.

But despite the obvious potential for the replacement appendage, its creator remains stymied in his efforts to get the funding to complete his work and bring the prosthetic to the masses.